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Jonathan Montalvos - My father is rich Tabarnak

Published on 03 January 2012 @ Ivy nightclub

I saw this video on December 20 on youtube ... In addition to being drunk, I suspect other drugs!

In despite of these statements: "But if it can give me visibility, that's fine. I think it's fun of it took a good turn for me. "

I don’t think this situation is to his advantage. Well, it has everything to be a fool in Quebec!

Popular video (second video):

The video says that in English:
"Heil! My father is the richest guy in Quebec tabarnak! [...] Heil! My father makes you shit! "
"Heil! My father is richer than you ![...] My dad is rich! You, you're poor! "

In French Canadian slang, pretty much the equivalent of 'fuck' but with no sexual meaning - the word is only used as a vulgar interjection. Thanks to its ample use of the 'a' vowel, it is an extremely satisfying swear word that lets the energy flow through your throat.

The word comes from French 'tabernacle' pronounced with a French Canadian accent. It is unheard of in France.

Jonathan began a tour of Daddy's Boys December 30, 2011: see image 3 and see more of this out here:

They pays $ 1,500 a night of event!

Jonathan said: ''I have the idea in my head for the part number 2: my mother is poor ...''

Next public release will be January 6, 2012 at The Ivy Nightclub… the bar where it all began for him: see picture 4.

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